Apparently buying pride apparel is benefitting LGBT people, if you #buylgbt from EqualiTee

If you’re here and you’re queer, and have nothing to wear, we can help.  EqualiTee is a fresh and innovative social enterprise based in Northern Ireland, but we can ship anywhere in the world.  The profits of every sale go directly to benefiting the LGBT Community.  EqualiTee is the brainchild of The Rainbow Project who provides frontline services to the LGBT Community.  Services like, counselling, advocacy, sexual health testing, peer and social support, and lots more.

The designs that are available come from staff, volunteers, customers and pop culture.  They can take your idea and make it into a work of art for you.  But it is not just t-shirts; there are mugs, shoes, laces and flags.  New products are added almost daily, but at least once a week, keeping it fresh at every opportunity.

The great thing about EqualiTee is that it is not another corporate trying to make a profit for itself, it is there on the frontline making a difference to LGBT Lives.  Saving lives looks good on you, and those around you.  So check out our designs, reclaim style and reclaim the agenda while you are at it.

If you are shopping from the USA or Canada, please select the USA Collection, any where else in the world please select our Summer 2018 Collection.